Friday, July 23, 2010

Going Public

Our local stitching group, the Metrostitchers, take 'stitching in public' to a new level. Most stitching groups stitch in public at local baseball games, known as 'Stitch & Pitch' events. The Metrostitchers head to the local racetrack!

Crafty Gem, Winner of the 4th Race

Last Sunday the group headed out to Belmont Park Raceway for a day of stitching, horses and betting stash amongst ourselves (a Metrostitcher specialty!). Were we all thrilled when Crafty Gem came from behind to win the 4th Race! No doubt our stitching inspired Crafty Gem's final push to win by a nose!

The racing form (used to record stash bets) and Theresa's stitching

The stitching I brought with me is the next German Sampler Series release: The Queen's Garden. It was the first 'public viewing' of this new design-in-progress, seeming to be the perfect match for a day enjoying the Sport of Queens. I stitched a lot between races, and even expected to finish the model this week.

Unfortunately, I'm now frogging everything that I stitched that day! Somehow I made a huge counting error, compounded by not catching it for several days. Some designs just seem to attract more frogs in the initial stages than others.

Or maybe I was simply paying more attention to the horses and the stash bets than to my stitching?


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