Saturday, February 20, 2010

It Pays To Speak Up

Bee On Time Petit Mantel Clock

We are thrilled to see that Sudberry has brought back the Petit Mantel Clock and the Small Carriage Clock.

Many designers and shop owners were distressed to learn at the 2009 Nashville Trade Show that these wonderful clocks were no longer being manufactured. I decided that we had nothing to lose if I dropped by Sudberry's booth to lodge a complaint or two. So I did. By the end of my visit, Sudberry acknowledged that perhaps the clocks should go back into production. Now here they are back! Clearly it paid for me to speak up!

Shaker Time Small Carriage Clock

We love these clocks so much that we had created a couple of simple, quick to stitch designs for them: Bee On Time, celebrating bees keeping time, and Shaker Time, reflecting motifs from an exhibit of Shaker life. Need a quick gift? Why not stitch one of our clock designs? The Sudberry clocks come with easy to follow assembly directions and all hardware needed.

Businesses stop production of items for all kinds of reasons. If you can no longer find a product needed to complete a design, contact that designer or the product manufacturer. Usually a substitute will be suggested. Or, like with Sudberry and the clocks, the item will be brought back into production.

So SPEAK UP! (Oh dear, that sounds just a tad like Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde: Red, White & Blue, doesn't it? Well, I am a lawyer after all!)


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