Monday, December 21, 2009

New York As Winter Wonderland

New York rarely gets big snow storms. When a major storm dumps nearly 11 inches on New York in the middle of a weekend, well it's pure magic!

I happen to live across the street from Central Park. These snowy steps are actually one of the park entrances right outside my apartment building. When I woke up to a stunning snowy day on Sunday morning, like any winter loving New Yorker, I ditched the list of chores, bundled up, grabbed my camera and headed into the park to frolic. Oh, and I took an easier route into the park than those steps!

Gorgeous snow vistas met my eye. But they were far from empty.

New Yorkers -- 2 and 4 footed -- were out enjoying the park, all dressed in their winter best. Family groups were everywhere, with dogs bounding in the snow and kids building snow creatures, throwing snowballs and building snow forts and castles -- or maybe those were really New York highrises?

Even the ducks were out enjoying the snowy day!

The rustic park benches looked like snow sculptures alongside the paths.

And every hill of any size was instantly made for sledding!

I spent quite some time wandering around Central Park - people watching, thinking about how to memorialize the enchantment in a design. For now, these photos will just have to do.


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