Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Closing Notice Now Posted

The Online Needlework Show is now closed for another year.   Warm thanks to all of you who viewed, ordered from your LNS and participated in our Fall Scavenger Hunt.   The winners are being drawn as this is it's safe to tell you the answers to the questions:  Jacques Torres and Zeena!

Happy Stitching!

Theresa and Cynthia

Friday, October 22, 2010

Playing for a Prize

There are still a couple of days left for general viewing of the Fall Online Needlework Show.  That also means there are still a couple of days left for you to enter the various drawings and competitions hosted by the vendors.  

We've set up a Scavenger Hunt:  answer the two questions correctly and your name is entered for a drawing of one of our older designs.  What's the scavenger hunt part?   To answer the questions you have to look through our website and our blog.  Simple -- with a great reward if you win!

So take a minute from your shopping and try for something free.   Then immediately return to shopping!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shopping in Comfort

The Fall Online Needlework Show is now open and we are there!

Here's an opportunity to shop without ever leaving your home.  While this is a wholesale, 'for the trade only' show, stitchers can shop and place orders through their local needlework shops.   The show runs from October 21st through October 26th for the shops.  However, the general viewing page links will close at midnight Sunday October 24th to give shops an opportunity to place their orders. 

Our latest design in the German Sampler Series, The Queen's Garden, is only available at this time through this show.

So put on your jammies, pour a glass of wine, settle into your favorite comfy spot, fire up your laptop and start shopping!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mistakes Happen

In spite of our best efforts, typos do slip through proofreading.

There is an error in the Silk'N Color floss list included in the instructions for Sarah Rogers 1803 Sampler. You want Lotus Flower SNC 305, not whatever incorrect number we listed. Cecelia of Threadgatherer caught the error and is making sure the correct skein is shipped to shops ordering the floss for this design.

Thanks, Cecelia, for alerting us! We do appreciate your eagle eye!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Month, Another Show

I spent my evening setting up our pages for the upcoming Online Needlework Show.   Opening October 21 and closing October 26th, this tradeshow is unique in that stitchers can view the show at the same time as the shops and then have their LNS order whatever designs catch their eye.

Once again, we will have a Scavenger Hunt for the general public that gives entrants a chance to win one of our designs.  Hope you check out the show!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Welcome!

We loved meeting Sherril Marlow of Stitching Cottage in Beavercreek, OH (near Dayton)when she stopped by the suite in St. Charles to purchase our German Sampler Series designs. Our philosophy is that there can never be too many shops carrying our designs!

Hmmm - we pass through Dayton on our way home tomorrow. Wonder just how far off I70 Stitching Cottage is? Time to download Googlemaps! Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could simply type in 'I70', 'Ohio' and 'needlework shop', and all the nearby shops would be displayed with directions?



The Fall Needlecraft Show in St. Charles/St. Louis has ended. We packed up the Jeep Cherokee and are about halfway home, spending the night in Zanesville, OH. We arrive back in NYC tomorrow evening.

We are tired, but happy. It's always exciting to visit with other vendors and our customers. Also, since we are first and foremost stitchers, we also love discovering the latest designs and finding new shops to explore ourselves!

We especially had fun laughing and chatting with our shop owner customers. Naming just a very few who stopped by our suite:

Lois of Nedlewerkes in Copperas Cove, TX. Lois told us about the group of German ladies who are stitching our German Sampler Series. We'd love to see pictures!

The ladies from Chris's Collection in Southwick, MA. This is a shop I've spent many a dollar at, even before I became a designer. They were intent on finding new projects for their sampler group. We were happy to provide some suggesitons.

Cathy from Inspired Needle in Lemont, IL gave us the opportunity to try out our new credit card processing. It worked like a charm, thank goodness.

It was a good show and we want to thank all the shops that came, saw and shopped!